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What's New - Deal Management

For long time users of The Commission Companion, the most obvious change is the interface. Unlike previous versions, TCCv5 now presents all your deals, projects, and pipeline items in an easy to understand and navigate control panel ( see screen shot ).


All your projects are grouped together in a single list that allows you to drill down and view the deals associated with a selected project.


Commission information has been removed from the deal form and is now found under its own separate category making the form cleaner and easier to use.


Also, the Pipeline has been upgraded to accept more input from more users. You can now create and present a clearer, more up to date view of your firm's transactions in progress.


New optional features for deal management include online deal data entry forms, online reports built to your specifications, and an online control panel to manage your users, product updates, and the TCCv5 database.

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