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What's New - Accounting Capabilities

While TCCv5's accounting capabilities and functionality remain largely unchanged, previous users will appreciate the addition of wizards, a fresh interface, and a more intuitive organization of features. Just as TCCv5 deal and commission management features have been reorganized, so too for its accounting capabilities ( see screen shot ).

  • Effort required and time spent searching, editing, and updating accounting and financial information has been greatly reduced
  • Database has been modified and new reports added for a complete view of income received and its disbursement
  • Making adjustments to this information is now more direct and less time consuming.
  • Draw and expense accounting has been changed and is linked directly to commission disbursement
  • You can now track commission income, its disbursement whether projected, invoiced, or received.

The net result of these and other improvements in TCCv5's accounting capabilities results in a comprehensive view of your firm's marketing efforts and its financial health.

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