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Overview - Commission Management

Complex commission distributions and calculations are easily performed with Version 5's improved commission calculation engine. Track commissions that are estimated, invoiced, paid, or have multiple commission levels using production value totals.


Commission Worksheet: Quickly determine the gross commission due on any lease deal. Use this information to generate accurate invoices and commission distributions.
Commission Distribution: Configure how a deal's gross commission is to be distributed between in-house agents, outside brokers, and your firm.
Manager Overrides: Setup commission overrides for your sales managers and structure bonus incentives using a flat rate or by percent of deal.
Draw Accounts: Easily setup draw and expense accounts for your agents with recurring expenses and scheduled automatic updates.


More Commission Management

You can also account for varying monthly or annually rents, free rent, and variable commission rates when determining your firm's gross commission. Keep your agents happy by setting up a secure optional reports portal easily accessed from their web-browser.

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