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overview - accounting capabilities

Use Version 5 to manage all your invoices, cash receipts, commission vouchers and their payments as they relate to any deal. Additional capabilities include:

  • Batch processing of invoices and statements
  • Draw and expense account management.
  • Optional database query and import/export functions

Customers: Setup and manage detailed customer account information such as accounts receivable and a complete deal, invoice, and payment history.

Vendors: You can create commission vouchers for payment and process commission check information for any in-house agent or outside broker on a deal.

Invoices: Generate invoices for any deal with full commission distribution by vendor. You can include a commission worksheet, make adjustments, and send invoice via email.

Payments: Record payments received from a customer and TCCv5 automatically processes commission distribution for payment and the creation of commission vouchers.


More Accounting Capabilities

TCCv5 will facilitate the flow of accounting data within your organization and support you with critical sales, marketing, and financial reports in a timely fashion.

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