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Deal Management Features

The following list highlights the deal management features of TCCv5.

Deal Management panel
  • Organized deal information by project, deal, or pipeline (deals-in-process)
  • Supports lease, sales, tenant/landlord rep, and general brokerage deal
  • Tracks consulting, referral, listing or any user defined fees
  • Accepts multiple markets, service lines, property, and deal types
    Support for co-brokered deals
  • Process deals originating by house, by the broker or through a referral
  • Tracks status of pending deals
  • Provides options and lease expiration notification
  • Standard reports for projects, deals, and pipeline
  • Supports an optional on-line data entry forms

Manage all your current, historical and in-process projects, deals and other real estate transactions from a new easy-to-use interface. Larger firms with multiple offices will benefit from TCCv5's distributed data processing design.

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