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More TCCv5
Commission management features

The following list highlights the commission management features of TCCv5.

Commission Management panel
  • Accurately splits broker commissions and tracks broker production totals
  • Support for more than million user defined commission structures
  • Apply different commission structures to broker on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Track multiple broker commissions per deal
  • Calculate broker commissions and production value by cash or accrual
  • Support for line item deductions from gross firm commission
  • Support for fees paid off the top
  • Calculate commissions based upon percent of lease
  • Allows the inclusion of free rent in commission calculation
  • Commission calculation can be based on varying terms of lease

You'll easily manage deal commission distributions, commission calculations, draw accounts and manager overrides from a single application. Replace many of your previous spreadsheets used for commission tracking and management with TCCv5.

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