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The Commission Companion version 5:


Q: How is version 5 different from version 4?

A: All features found in version 4 of The Commission Companion are available in version 5. Most have been streamlined or made more efficient with a new interface. Others have been moved from the application to the server for a significant increase in performance. Also, several new reporting formats and options are available only in TCCv5. Optional online data entry and reporting modules are available for version 5 only.

Q: Can I use my existing database when upgrading to version 5?

A: Yes. TCCv5's database structure is built on the TCCv4 database. You can actually run both application versions on a single database. Version 5 requires only a few modifications to your current database in order to work properly. Tools and utilities are available to make the upgrade almost transparent.

Q: Does it cost more to host my TCCv5 database with CSI rather than host it myself?

A: No. Actually, it can cost significantly less to host your TCCv5 solution with CSI. When you factor in costs for servers, operating system and the database license, internal or outside IT support, you'll find the low monthly fee for hosting with CSI is more than reasonable.

Q: How many users does TCCv5 support?

A: There is virtually no limit to the number of users that TCCv5 and the database can support. A default installation of TCCv5 supports 5 users. Additional users can be added for minimal cost as needed. Using optional management and agent reporting modules and online data entry forms, almost everyone in your organization can benefit from using TCCv5.

Q: Does TCCv5 work for residential and property management firms?

A: Maybe. TCCv5 and previous versions were designed with commercial and industrial real estate brokerages in mind. While we've had many inquires over the years from residential brokers and property managers, the best way to find out if TCCv5 is for you is to try it out.

Q: What other applications can use the information in my TCCv5 database?

A: All new applications from CSI are configured to work with the TCCv5 database. Additionally, TCCv5 has several built in exporting formats to allow other applications to use its data. We can also create special custom modules to work with other third party software applications.

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